Move to the Hamar Region

Considering moving to the Hamar Region? On this page you’ll find useful tips and advice. Our community take great pleasure in welcoming you!

Considering moving to the Hamar Region? On this page you’ll find useful tips and advice. Our community take great pleasure in welcoming you!

The Hamar Region area has a diverse and exciting business community that is strong and thriving, offering excellent opportunities for those of you who wish to start your own business. The region also offers a variety of housing and accomodation possibilities – to live an urban and modern, yet sustainable and healthy life – close to the nature.

Moving to Norway – step by step

When moving to Norway from abroad there are certain arrangements to make. The websites below help guide you through the various processes. These include getting citizenship, your personal Norwegian ID number and other useful information:

  • – guide to digital public services in Norway
  • – information and applications of citizenship and related.
  • – identification number and other nessacary registrations.
  • – practical information for starting a new life in Norway.
  • – Moving registration and help.

Other services to arrange include power providers, mobile & internet subscriptions and banking to name a few. Here are some of the services that our region has to offer: 

The municipality in our region will also have more services and locations available. These municipal websites can be translated in the upper right corner by clicking “Språk” and choosing the prefered language in the options displayed:

Feel free to contact us for questions!

Living and working in the region


Here are a few helpful sources for your home search:

If you plan to build a house, you need to contact building contractors in your new home municipality, more information on this can be found on the website of your local municipality.


Some insurance coverage may be required. If you currently have an insurance policy in your home country, you may want to terminate your coverage as it won’t be valid in Norway. There are many insurance brokers in Hamar that can help you get the best insurance at the best rates. This website helps you compare the insurance packages and find the ones best suited for your needs:


When moving to a new place, it’s important to have up-to-date information on the nearest hospitals, health services, dentists, shelters etc.  These are some of the health services and locations available:

  • can guide you through a lot of the health services in norway, for example setting up a regular General Practitioner (GP)/family doctor.
  • Sykehuset Innlandet is the county’s main hospital
Emergency numbers
  • Ambulance: 113
  • Urgent Care; 116 117
  • Fire department: 110.
  • Police authorities: 112

Pets and Animals

If you are moving with pets, we recommend you visit

There may be different rules for relocating with horses and other larger animals. If your pet gets sick while you live here, you can find a list of veterinarians in the region at


Find current job opportunities here: 

You can also find positions in the region and its municipalities on LinkedIn.

Businesses in the Hamar Region

The Hamar region, which includes the municipalities of Stange, Hamar, Løten and Ringsaker, offers a wide range of jobs in agriculture and forestry, the service industry, biotechnology, game development and VR/AR (XR). 

Some of the larger employers are Tine, Moelven Industrier, Eidsiva Energi, Sykehuset Innlandet, Sparebanken Hedmark, and Norsk Tipping.

The region also is home to a number of smaller companies (<20 employees) in building & construction, media and communication. Companies such as K.A. Rasmussen AS invest in science and R&D, while Graminor, Geno and Norsvin invest in biotech.

To build a business network in the region, we strongly advise you to become a member of the local business forum «Hamarregionen Næringsforum«, counting more than 200 members. And – also check out the LinkedIn group «kompetanse i Hamarregionen«.

Start your own business

In Hamar, we have an entrepreneur house called PARK that specializes in technology such as VR/AR, game development, AI and other fields. Learn more about PARK or and co-working spaces at PARKhamar (small teaser video below) – and be sure to check out the 360/VR view of PARK!

Ready to explore career opportunities in Hamar? Please contact us for additional guidance, more information here.

Schools & Kindergartens

The municipality websites mentioned earlier each have information related to kindergartens and primary/secondary schools in their respective municipalities.

Upper secondary schools
International schools

Both are IB international schools

Higher education

The Inland region of Norway offers many international higher education courses. Two of the schools with this offer are close to or within the Hamar region:

Things to do – and experience!

We encourage you to take full advantage of our nature and leisure activities. Boating, swimming, fishing, cycling, skiing and ice skating. The idyllic lake, Mjøsa, means a lot to our region, for recreation and activities all year round. Have a look at Visit Hamar Region.

You will also find many cultural activities  at the culture calendar that the region offers, we hope you find things that suit your interests. If you want to meet and socialize with others who also have moved to the Hamar Region, you can attend one of our meetups. We typically arrange two or more meetups each year, and they can be found on our social media and in the events list.

We welcome your initiative and invite you to contact us if you require any assistance. Our hope is that you flourish and reach your potential! 

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